Some Teams Are Still Searching for that Franchise QB, Others Have A 40-Year Old

I’m reminded Tom Brady turns 40 today, simply because he and I share the same birthday.  I’m a few years older than Tom, yet we really aren’t that much different.  He’s preparing for another NFL season, and I’m preparing for another physical therapy appointment for a bad hip, bum knee, and sore pectoral muscle.


The consistency of Tom Brady is so impressive its reached a certain level of annoying at this point (unless you are a Pats fan of course).  Although one could argue if he can be this successful at age 40, perhaps it’s a product of the simple system created by evil genius Bill Belicheck.  How nimble do you really need to be to throw 20 to 30 check down and slant passes per game?  (Yes, I went there.  Don’t @ me either)

Of course there is something to be said, as a football fan, to know your team heads into a fresh football season with consistency at the quarterback position.  Fans in Green Bay, Atlanta, New Orleans, Seattle and Pittsburgh don’t have to stress.  Their ‘guy’ will be there opening day and the team should be relatively competitive week in and week out.

Then there are the Browns, Jets and 49ers.  The tortured fan bases who have to print out their team’s training camp roster to see who’s competing for the starting quarterback position.  One rule of thumb is that if you read your team has a hotly contested battle at the quarterback position….Your Team Doesn’t Have A Franchise Quarterback.

The Browns open camp with Cody Kessler, Brock Osweiler, and DeShone Kizer.  No, that’s not the list of quarterbacks competing for the clipboard on the sideline.  One these lucky guys will start at quarterback for the Browns.  I think Browns fans would feel better if LeBron James name was on that list.

It could be worse – you could be waiting with baited breathe to see if your opening day starter is Josh McCown, Christian Hackenberg, or Bryce Petty.  Helllllo Jets fan.  Tough lot in life, we know.  At least you have that clever chant, J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS!  Would it kill you to figure out the quarterback position before Tom Brady hits 50?  (Same goes for you Buffalo!  And how soon til Miami cuts bait on Tannehill?)  The AFC East has been Brady’s whipping boy for two decades, thanks in large part to inconsistent quarterback play.

That stench you smell from the West Coast is coming from 49ers training camp.  Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, and CJ Beathard will be the toys Kyle Shanahan has to choose from this season, following two years with league MVP Matt Ryan.  Sucks for you bro.  Ever heard the expression, ‘sometimes the best job is the one you don’t take’?  I’m guessing Kyle wanted out of town anyways after his name is seared into Atlanta fan’s skull as the mastermind of the greatest choke in Super Bowl history.   What’s scary in San Francisco is THIS trio of quarterbacks was their solution to replace Kapernick, Gabbert and Ponder.  Sounds like a really bad personal injury law firm.  Probably handle a lot of bruised ego cases.

Don’t feel bad Browns, Jets, and 49er fan.  Not every franchise sticks the landing at the quarterback position.  Keep that revolving door moving until you get it right.  Eventually the right one will come through…but he probably won’t be turning 40 when he does.

Written by Andrew Rosenberg

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