NBA Trade Deadline K.(nocked) D.(own)

Are you happy with what your favorite NBA team did before the trade deadline? Ohhhh, you added some scoring off the bench perhaps like the Hawks? Or maybe you added some toughness in the front court like the Thunder? Perhaps your team dumped scoring for a draft pick? I see you Lakers.

You know who didn’t make major moves? The Golden State Warriors. You know who didn’t NEED to make a move? The Golden State Warriors. The NBA changed for better or worse, the day Kevin Durant signed with Golden State. Every move all these other teams made before the NBA trade deadline was window dressing, empty calories, the equivalent of ordering a diet Coke with your 3-piece fried chicken meal at Popeyes. What’s the point?

Sure, most NBA front offices have to keep their fan bases engaged for the second half of the season. Hope can be a powerful thing in sports, but the NBA, more so than the NFL, offers less hope for a championship to a majority of its franchises (and fans).

As it stands today, the only way to come close to competing with what the Golden State Warriors have assembled is to either merge about 3 franchise’s rosters into one, or sign LeBron James. The reality is we are all just waiting for June when the Cavs and Warriors will face off in the NBA Finals again. So if your team didn’t make the blockbuster move this week, don’t worry, it wouldn’t have mattered. The only teams that could have raised eyebrows with a move would have been the Spurs or Cavs. It’s also no surprise, no contender wanted to add Carmelo Anthony. That’s more of a reflection on his reputation than anything. But that’s a column for another day.

So thanks Kevin Durant. Thanks for rendering our NBA trade deadline useless. Thanks for stealing our hope. Thanks for making us all wait until June for meaningful basketball…

Written by Andrew Rosenberg

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