You Don’t Know Tough, Tyronn

Excuses.  No one likes to hear them, but we all like to give them. Some give excuses after failing, some like to give excuses preemptively, so when they do fail, it softens the blow.

This week we heard two excuses from two guys no one wants to hear them from.  The first being President Trump who said he thought being President would be easier than his last job.  Who knew hosting a reality TV show was so stressful?  Sorry Donald, but being in charge of the most powerful country in the world is a tad bit harder than staring into a camera and saying “you’re fired” to a has-been celebrity from the 1990’s.  I won’t get all political on you, so let’s turn our attention to the other excuse we heard this week.


The head coach of the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers, Tyronn Lue said coaching the Cavs is the “hardest job by far” in the NBA.  I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing before I continue….

Let me get this straight, coaching a team with the best player on the planet, the best point guard in the conference and a double double machine at the forward position is the toughest job in the NBA.  Mr Lue, Brett Brown is on line 2.  Mr. Lue, Kenny Atkinson is on line 3.  (Those would be the head coaches of the 76ers and Nets).  This would be the preemptive excuse I referenced earlier.

Let’s consider a few things here Mr.Lue.  David friggin Blatt got that team to an NBA Finals.  You coach in the Eastern Conference.  With apologies to the Celtics, you don’t even have a credible threat to prevent you from going to the NBA Finals once again.  You want tough?  Ask a guy like Terry Stotts about tough?  Try battling it out in the Western Conference night in and night out scratching and clawing to grab a playoff spot.  That’s tough.

You are coaching LeBron James, who has now been to SIX straight NBA Finals.  Yeah, Tyronn, that means, by just having him on your roster, you become a favorite to get to the NBA Finals.  I mean, its nothing compared to the cakewalk Kenny Atkinson has in Brooklyn with Jeremy Lin and Trevor Booker.  I’m sure Kenny gets 10 hours of sleep a night.

Let’s keep it real Tyronn.  You aren’t even really the coach of the Cavs, Lebron James has that title (along with GM, team pilot, head chef, lockeroom DJ etc…).  You essentially have to make sure you show up at game time, stand on the sidelines and wait for your assistant coaches to tell you how many fouls players have so you know when to sub in the reserves.

Tyronn Lue made that statement for Dan Gilbert, the team owner.  It’s his way of saying, ‘look I know you gave me the keys to this Lamborghini, but it’s really hard to drive’.  Tyronn Lue doesn’t believe his job is tough, he believes the pressure to win another championship is tough.  If you can’t handle the pressure of winning with the best player in the world, then perhaps our President might just give you a call to say, “You’re Fired!”

Written by Andrew Rosenberg

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