Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Lots of winners this year but Dom and I will be lowering it to 4 with some Honorable Mentions. Here goes nothing. 

  1. Golden State Warriors

No, they did not sign anybody huge to the team, but they somehow some way signed everyone back! Durant, Curry, Iggy, Livingston, McGee, and Zaza were all resigned. They also did sign some small players that I see having huge boosts to their team as an Omri Casspi and Nick Young.  Well the rich get richer don’t they? Warriors should be the champion this season unless the next team pulls the unthinkable. 

  1. Houston Rockets

After an outstanding season at 55-27 and the 3rd best record in the NBA the Houston Rockets are already known as a top NBA team. All of a sudden they trade their entire team of bench warmers for a top 15 player in Chris Paul. Two of the best if not THE best distributors in the league currently are all under ne roof. Now I may be one of the only people who believes this will work out, but these players wanted to play together. Maybe even Melo will join. Melo plays fantastic off ball (i.e Olympics) so I think this is a great pick up and these 3 will make the Warriors big 3 all play some defense. Houston also made some VERY underrated pick ups in P.J Tucker and Luc Mbah a Moute. Both are very underrated 3 and D players and one will most likely start at PF this season. 

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder

Sam Presti traded Serge Ibaka for Paul George straight up at the end of the day. Russ now has another player who can not only just actually play, but is damn good. Easily a top 15 player in the league. Add that with signing Patrick Patterson a player who I can see helping a lot for this team, a solid draftee in Terrence Ferguson, and you’re a winner. They also resigned Andre Roberson, for a bit too much I may add, but still they needed that defender! They signed Raymond Felton for some reason too but whatever you got Paul George for nothing! 

  1. Los Angeles Lakers

 Magic Johnson has been doing a great job so far, let’s be honest. Yes it’s just summer league but Lonzo Ball was fantastic minus that first game. Brandon Ingram looked like the player we praised him to be last year during the draft. Kyle Kuzma was a huge surprise scoring 20 a night in Summer League. Then after the Summer League they decide to go steal the young gem of this year’s FA period in Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.  Instead of going backwards with pointless signings, they signed and drafted very well. The Lakers also look like the front runner for LeBron next FA. So that’s why they get the 4th spot. 
 Honorable Mentions 

Minnesota Timberwolves:  

Adding Butler and Teague is huge. Also got a Gibson whose still solid. Just not sure it’ll work.  

Denver Nuggets:  

Paul Millsap is a insanely great fit with Jokic. Should make playoffs, did trade Donavon Mitchell for Trey Lyles though. 

Boston Celtics: 

I’d personally have them on the losers but I think it’s probably smart to have them here instead. 

Philadelphia 76ers: 

Drafting Fultz and adding some solid veterans, looking good in Philly for a change. 


Take some bad contracts? Sure if means you get young talent. Nets are also looking good for a change. 
NBA Offseason Losers 

When there are winners there are also losers. I’ll cover the losers.  

  1. Cavs

Very much like the Celtics, the Cavs were interested in every available player and looking for some kind of upgrade to match with the Warriors. Jimmy Butler to Minn, George to OKC, and Melo is still in New York. The Cavs are strapped against the luxury tax and managed to retain an aging Kyle Korver. On top of that, recent reports of LeBron not committing to the Cavs past next season and now Kyrie wants out is not good moving forward. Oh yeah and on top of that they struck out on multiple GM candidates and many of them turning it down due to either Dan Gilbert, LeBron not committing, and LeBron running the team. Oh yeah did I mention it feels like this team doesn’t have a first-round pick until 2030? 

 2. Bulls

Jimmy Butler was finally traded after years on the block and the Bulls get wait for it….Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine, and the 7th overall pick or Lauri Marrkenan..REALLY? That’s all you get? All you get for a top 20 player in the league with at least 2 years of control on his contract?  Kris Dunn, has a lot of potential but we’ll see he still seems like a project and LaVine is coming off a torn ACL. Marrekan, sure he can shoot but he’s someone that watching his film really doesn’t wow me but that doesn’t mean he can’t be something special at the next level. 

  1. Knicks

They literally have done nothing this offseason other than overpay Tim Hardaway Jr and pass on Dennis Smith Jr for the unknown Frank Ntilikina. The draft is always a crapshoot but when scouts and analysts gush over Dennis Smith and has superstar written all over him while Frank had the highest bust projection on him why not take the safer bet.  Does anyone feel sorry for Melo? Who’s value has been destroyed in 2 years. 

  1. Pacers

Your best player states publicly that he isn’t resigning long term and wants out. You have no choice to trade him. It got leaked that Atlanta offered 4 first round picks for Paul George. So, what do you do? Trade him to the Thunder for Oladipo and Sabonis. Ouch. Pacers GM, Kevin Pritchard could have gotten so much more for George. Oh yeah Pritchard is the one that took Greg Oden over Kevin Durant…so just keep that in mind. 

Honorable mentions 

Melo—Stuck in New York where everyone is ready so send his ass out. Hasn’t sniffed the playoffs in a long time. Let alone conference finals. Something must give. 

Dwight Howard—Remember when he was a top 10 player and considered one of the best centers and most likeable players in the league? Now he’s stuck in Charlotte playing with Kemba(not that’s a bad thing) but just seems like his career is coming to an end. 

Miami Heat-Chris Bosh career is over due blood clots. Maybe Pat Riley doesn’t have that “magic” anymore. Oh yeah, you’re also overpaying for Tyler Johnson. 


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