Weekend Observations – NBA Playoff Edition

The Cavs defense is so bad it may extend a couple playoff series longer than they would like this year.

Still can’t believe Paul George is 0-15 on go ahead shots with under 20 seconds left.

Whatever Lance Stephenson does after basketball, he should do it with a Pacers jersey on.

Iman Shumpert DNP?

Can Giannis Antetokounmpo carry a team for a playoff series?  Regular seasons are nice, but the playoffs are where you build your legacy.  By the way, he’s 22.

Just wait on it.  Thon Maker is raw, but working with KG will definitely improve his game over time.

Playoff Kyle Lowery showed up for Toronto.  Bad news for Toronto.

Serge Ibaka won’t have another 19 and 14 game.  Or will he?

The Spurs are boringly good.  Is boringly a word?

If Kawhi, Lamarcus and Tony are ON like this, they will be a tough out.   Hot Take!

Vince Carter is still playing basketball.  We are close in age, and I have a bad hip and moan when I stand up.

Marc Gasol won the battle vs Pao.  Pao will win the war.

For $152 Million dollars, the Grizzlies need more than 13 points, 7 assists from Mike Conley.

The Wizards need THIS John Wall every single night.

Paul Millsap can’t let Markieff Morris play above his pay grade again.

Dwight Howard’s stats are empty calories.

Dwight Howard’s heart is empty.

Marcin Gortat has more low post moves than Dwight Howard

Tim Hardaway Jr wet the bed his first playoff game as a starter for Hawks.  Hawks will need more than 7 points from him.

What does that tell you about the Hawks, when you need more from Tim Hardaway Jr?!

Kelly Oubre Jr shows flashes

Have the Warriors swept the Blazers yet

Damian Lillard had 3 more assists than I did Sunday.  That’s not gonna cut it.

Draymond Green does a little bit of everything, but in my mind he’s still the dirtiest player in the league.

Welcome to the playoffs Bobby Portis!

I like Wade’s playoff experience in the locker room for this Bulls team.

My heart is still heavy for Isaiah Thomas.  Imagine losing your sibling and going into work the next day?  I couldn’t do it.

How badly does Rondo want to win this series?

Celtics are known for their Defense – they gave up 106 points.  Oops.

Paging Victor Oladipo!  Paging Victor Oladipo! (1/12 SMH)

Andre Roberson won’t score 18 points again this post season.

Steven Adams needs to finish better around the rim.

Patrick Beverly wakes up annoying people.

Yes, 22/11/9 isn’t enough for Westbrook and the Thunder.

Doc Rivers is the Mike McCarthy of NBA coaches.  Has one title on his resume a long time ago and since then has under archieved in post season

The Clippers ironically lose game one to a team that has a starter get injured.  I thought the Clippers had copyrights to that?!

ISO Joe wins.  Even a blind squirrel deserves a nut sometime  (yes I’m a bitter Hawks fan)

Isnt it time for this Clipper roster to be blown up?

Stay tuned all playoffs long for more articles and observations from our team of writers!

Written by Andrew Rosenberg

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