Weekend Observations: April 24th, 2017

Parents, please keep your kids who play basketball away from the final four minutes of Rockets/Thunder game Sunday.  It will set them back 5 years.  That film should be burned.

playoffsI woke up in the middle of the night yelling “Foul!” at my television.  No one in Oklahoma City heard me.

In Russ we trust, but when Russ Trusts, the Thunder are better.

How soon til Westbrook records a triple double on his way to the arena?

I watched a PG-13 horror movie this weekend.  It took place in Indiana.

John Wall is quicker than a ref’s whistle when Harden shoots a 3.

When the NBA schedule is out next year I’m going to circle the Thunder/Wizards game.  Wall vs Westbrook deserves our attention.

I bet people on the West coast forget how good John Wall is?

Giannis looked 22 Saturday.  Bucks need him to look 25.

Kyle Lowry probably couldn’t wait to leave Milwaukee.  Question is, does Toronto want him coming home?

Bucks might be a year away.  Stuck their toe in the water this post season.

At least they didn’t bruise that toe. Poor Clippers.

I bet people on the East coast forget how good Chris Paul is?

Rajon Rondo’s value is up, Dwyane Wade’s knees are down.

Dennis Schröder is the first Atlanta Hawk to score 20+ pts in first 3 playoff games. Schröder is also the first Hawk to own a hookah lounge in Buckhead.

Lou Williams. Eric Gordon. Ryan Anderson   High volume scorers just the way D’Antoni likes it.

Can Houston give Golden…..nah

The Jazz went from cute story to on the brink.  Apparently, their winning formula is to have a starter go down once the game starts.

What’s up with the All-Star stinker games?  DeRozan, Butler, Harden, Giannis oh my!  You know who doesn’t have stinkers in the playoffs?  The King.

Marcus isn’t Smart

Is Mike Conley the best player to never make an All-Star team?

Teams really do live and die by the 3-pointer.  Bulls went 5 for 24 Sunday.  L

28 from Nene can’t happen vs the Stache Brothers.

“Take his loss and go back to the hotel” – Paul Millsap to Markieff Morris

Final thought – with all the NBA playoff action, the best thing I watched this weekend was El Clasico (Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona).  Messi – El Cabra (G.O.A.T.)

Written by Andrew Rosenberg

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