Triple Double Watch

After watching Russell Westbrook drop another 50 point triple-double and lose, I had no choice but to let y’all know what’s wrong with the Thunder. The biggest problem for the Thunder is no other than Russell Westbrook. Yes, no typos or misprints here. Russell Westbrook hurts the Thunder as much as he helps them. If you glance at the box score like most fans do throughout the regular season it seems that he has no help on the roster. However, I totally disagree with this premise.
Great players sometimes unfairly get labeled with the ball hog title like the greatest player ever Kobe Bean Bryant (@TheTrackMamba if you have an issue with that statement). I won’t call Westbrook a ball hog because I think he’s something worse. He’s what you call a ball magnet or a ball stopper. Guys that dribble… dribble… dribble… for 22 seconds on the shot clock and then either shoots it or forces a pass so that he can get an assist. That is Russell Westbrook in a nutshell. I see he is flaunting a new slogan #WhyNot he obviously should change that slogan to #WhyPass. Westbrook is without a great player without question, but the lack of ball movement sometimes costs his team wins in close games.
Trust is the biggest issue. He’s obviously been listening to a lot of Drake lately because he has tons of trust issues. He doesn’t seem to trust anyone on the court not named Russell Westbrook. This shouldn’t be shocking because he didn’t even give the ball to Durant, so I definitely am not expecting him to give the ball to Roberson, Victor “I’m a bust” Oladipo, and the rest of the gang. By not letting his teammates get involved early on they never get a chance to establish an identity through the course of the game. This leads to everyone standing around watching Westbrook play hero ball and expecting him to lead them to the promise land. This is not going to happen Westbrook. I’ve seen this style of play fail with Kobe in LA and CP3 in New Orleans.
A 45 point triple-double will surely get you a win on a Tuesday night in Sacramento, but this is the playoffs and a one man band is not going to win a series in the Wild Wild West. If Westbrook actually moves the ball and not attempt to control every second of the game, the Thunder will become an instantly better team. If he keeps taking 45 shots a game shooting 35%, but is on “triple double watch” they will get swept by The Beard and Co. Then he will be able to sit back and watch KD smoothly move the ball around with the Warriors on the way to finally meeting Mr. Larry O’Brien.

Written by Aaron Ernest

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