Gone Fishin’: Trail Blazers Edition

GET ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK PORTLAND. Neil Olshey, Portland Trail Blazers GM, had a terrible offseason. This was the classic case of trying to stay relevant when you should have just tanked the season away. This team has to have the worst group of contracts in the NBA .
Here’s a list of those terrible contracts:

Allen Crabbe 4 years/75 million
Evan Turner 4 years/70 million
Maurice Harkless 4 years/42 million
Meyers Leonard 4 years/41 million
Festus Ezeli 2 years/15 million

The first thing Portland needs to do is place a liquidation sign in front of the Moda Center at the Rose Garden. The Blazers have to get rid of those terrible contracts or they will become accustomed to the annual first round exit. The best move Olshey has made for the Blazers was trading for former Nuggets big man Jusuf Nurkic. With Nurkic, Lillard, and CJ McCollum being the cornerstones of the future,the Blazers have a strong young core to build around. However, the Blazers won’t be able to make any offseason moves being trapped under those terrible contracts. I believe the Blazers have two options for the offseason. First, bring the gang of highway robbers back and get knocked out of the first round of the playoffs by the Warriors, Rockets, Spurs or whoever they face. The second option is to get rid of all of those other contracts as soon as possible. Until then enjoy your fishing trip Portland.

Written By: Aaron Ernest

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