Gone Fishin’: Thunder Edition

What a sad and sour ending to a season that many of us thought would never happen again. A man averaged a triple-double in a single season. Too bad all of those relentless nights in which Russell Westbrook willed his team to victory went to complete waste.  A 4-1 series loss to his former teammate James Harden and the Houston Rockets. Oklahoma City just was just simply not good enough around him to sustain continued success. In the end, Westbrook’s triple-double after triple-double turned out to be empty stats. Not a knock on him because what he did individually was tremendous. Westbrook just didn’t trust his teammates enough down the stretch in crunch time. I mean he barely even trusted the best scorer in the world when he had him. At the same time you have to kind of feel sorry for Russell, he literally had to channel the talents of TWO players for 87 games. I know this is supposed to be about the Thunder organization, but Russell Westbrook is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Victor Oladipo is still too inconsistent, Steven Adams didn’t bring the same energy after signing his extension, Enes Kanter is a defensive liability, and Andre Roberson does not help the organization’s needs. Although, I do like the 2-way potential and athleticism of Jerami Grant.

Moving forward, the only untouchables that Sam Presti should hang up the phone for are you know who, and Steven Adams. Everybody else on this roster needs to be evaluated for the future of the franchise. Presti should seriously think about a sign and trade with the Clippers to bring Blake Griffin back home to Oklahoma City and the easiest route for Presti to build a team is to follow the Daryl Morey model in Houston and surround with Westbrook with shooters at all times. Sam Presti, make your move now, or look at possibly seeing Russell Westbrook walk away too.

Written By: Nyck Young


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