Gone Fishin’: Clippers Edition

at Staples Center on December 21, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Quick and painless. That’s how this will go. The Clippers are cursed. There’s nothing left for this team to do besides blow it up and rebuild. Adding Carmelo Anthony will not fix this team’s problems. There’s not much to say on their season because it has the same result every year. Win 50+ games and have an early playoff exit along with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin either pulling or breaking something. The narrative is to wait and see what they can do if everyone stays healthy. It’s time out for that now and it is time for the organization to give up. There’s no plan for the Clippers because the only star they will have back is DeAndre Jordan and I cannot wait to see how his $20 million per year looks without Chris Paul.

The future for the Clippers is very bleak. It’s just time for the organization to move on from the Lob City era. There’s no to-do list for the Clippers this summer besides let Paul and Griffin walk and hope that being in Los Angeles will attract free agents. Doc Rivers should also step down from his positions within the organization and move on to another gig in the league. There’s just nothing left to write on this team because the only option is to blow this team up. Sorry not sorry if that’s repetitive. This team has no hope besides false hope. Good luck Clippers. You should invest in a big, big tank to drive for years to come.

Written By: Nyck Young

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