All-NBA Teams

Here it is. The elite of the elite. The All-NBA teams. Essentially our top 15 players in the NBA. We had unanimous selections for the First Team, while the Second and Third were generally a mix and match of the final 10 guys with a couple of different guys sprinkled throughout. Sorry not sorry if… Read More All-NBA Teams

All-Rookie Teams

  With the 2016-2017 regular season over, OffensiveFoul is here to present our all-rookie teams. Honestly this rookie class was a disappointment overall. The best guy (Embiid) only played 31 games. Most of these rookies showed potential to be really good players. However, we don’t think this group will be the next generation of stars. Just solid core and rotational pieces. All Rookie 1st Team… Read More All-Rookie Teams

Triple Double Watch

After watching Russell Westbrook drop another 50 point triple-double and lose, I had no choice but to let y’all know what’s wrong with the Thunder. The biggest problem for the Thunder is no other than Russell Westbrook. Yes, no typos or misprints here. Russell Westbrook hurts the Thunder as much as he helps them. If… Read More Triple Double Watch